Artistic Department

Assistant and Associate Directors

KC Rep is looking for Assistant and Associate Directors for the 2022-23 Season. The Assistant Director position is an opportunity for candidates to observe a Directors process. The Associate Director position is an opportunity for candidates to gain firsthand experience of a Directors process and a comprehensive understanding of a production process. The Associate Director will be expected to handle a range of responsibilities depending on both their experience level and the needs of the production and director. BIPOC, PGM, Queer, LGBTQIA+, differently abled and female-identifying candidates are encouraged to apply.

Responsibilities of the Associate Director may include:
Pre-Production Duties

  • Meeting with the director, early on, to discuss: (a) the production overview; (b) goals and approaches to the production; (c) the Director’s views of the AD’s responsibilities; and (d) the AD and Stage Manager (SM) relationship and responsibilities.
  • Read and study the play; discuss interpretation and production concept with the Director. Playwright (and Dramaturg when relevant).
  • Attend pre-production design meetings if invited to do so by the Director.
  • Assist the Director at auditions by taking notes, keeping track of casting options
  • Perform research, as requested, that could encompass criticism, historical period, playwright’s biography and body of work, etc.

Duties of the Associate Director During Rehearsals

  • Attending rehearsals as agreed upon with the Director.
  • Taking notes and communicating regularly with the Director regarding the progress of the production.
  • Supporting the Director in realizing the play onstage, which requires an in-depth understanding of the play, its characters, the setting, etc
  • Attending Design meetings as agreed up on
  • Maintain an up-to-date copy of script and rehearsal schedule.
  • Managing special rehearsals such as line-throughs or speed-throughs.
  • Walking through scenes for an absent actor.
  • Occasionally running errands such as making copies, leading guest artists to rehearsal space, or managing meals.
  • Attending Tech and Dress rehearsals and previews and taking notes as needed and requested by the Director

Compensation for the Assistant Director position is $500. Relevant tasks and expectations will vary depending on the experience level of the candidate and the agreed upon time commitment and the needs of the production and Director. Compensation for the Associate Director position is $1,500.

If interested, please submit a resume and interest letter to Please make the subject of the email the position you are interested in; “Associate Director” or “Assistant Director”.